Key Features
Lineage II Interlude - Project Ember

The server offers a retail atmosphere with NPC buffs, low rates, and a bug-free environment. The auto-hunt feature transforms your game adventure by allowing you to easily accomplish challenges while managing the demands of a busy life.

  • Our network architecture supports up to 5,000 simultaneous connections without impacting gameplay quality.
  • The augmentation system follows the guidelines of the official server.
  • Geodata operates smoothly and without issues.
  • The game's data, which includes monster spawns, loot availability, and player skills, is working correctly.
  • We are actively working on official-like quests and refining the game.
  • Our AI is adequate and corresponds to the PTS.
  • Sieges are similar to the official server, without any lag or glitches.
  • The Olympiad is fully functional and may be customized to the preferences of the players.
Auto-farm Functions

Improve the way you play with different auto-farm functions that adapt to various playstyles.

Click here to see the tutorial

  • Price: Free of Charge
  • Skill Variety: Attack, Chance, Heal, and Buff
  • Farm Types: Fighter, Mage, Healer, Summoner, and Archer
  • Save Spot: Maintain the same position
  • Customizable Search Range: Set your preferred target search distance
  • Team Support: Assist the Party Leader
Increased Enchant Rates

The enchanting rates for normal and blessed scrolls have been adjusted to make grinding slightly simpler.

  • Safe Enchant: +3
  • Safe Enchant (Full-Body): +4
  • Max Enchant: +20
  • Normal Enchant Scroll Rate (Armor/Jewels): 60%
  • Normal Enchant Scroll Rate (Weapon): 60%
  • Blessed Enchant Scroll Rate (Armor/Jewels): 70%
  • Blessed Enchant Scroll Rate (Weapon): 70%
Life Stones

The augmentation mechanism is the same as the retail one, although we have boosted the possibility of skills slightly.

Active Skills
  • Normal Grade: 3%
  • Mid Grade: 5%
  • High Grade: 7%
  • Top Grade: 9%
Passive Skills
  • Normal Grade: 5%
  • Mid Grade: 7%
  • High Grade: 9%
  • Top Grade: 11%
Other Enhancements

With these additional capabilities, you may have more fluid game time.

  • Interactive Maps: Navigate easily to Ant Queen, Forge of the Gods, Seven Signs
  • Efficient Inventory: Stackable Scrolls and Life Stones
  • Accessories and Skins: Equip outfits purely for style
  • Convenient Teleports: Free community teleport and direct access to Epic Raids
  • Interface: Improved buttons and shortcuts
  • Damage from Falling: Disabled
  • Character Permanent Delete: 2 days
  • Show the Level of Monsters: True
  • Unstuck Skill Cast Time: 20 seconds
  • Petition System: Report issues directly in-game
  • Firework and Announce Successful Enchantment: Weapon (+7,+15), Armor (+6)
  • Herb Drop from Monsters: Disabled
  • Party Member Bonus: 2: 30%, 3: 39%, 4: 50%, 5: 54%, 6: 58%, 7: 63%, 8: 65%, 9: 67%
  • Added skill: Festive Sweeper (Bounty Hunter lv 40+)
Raid Bosses Respawn

Every Raid Boss spawn time has been modified to allow for faster progression and to save you time.

  • Regular Raids Respawn: 12h +/- 1h (Random)
Epic Raids: +/- 1h (Random)
  • Queen Ant: 36h
  • Orfen: 48h
  • Core: 60h
  • Zaken: 60h
  • Frintezza: 48h
  • Baium: 5d
  • Valakas: 11d
  • Antharas: 11d
Voiced Commands

These important commands are written directly in the game chat and allow you to use different kinds of services.

  • .autofarm Enable the auto-hunting system
  • .menu Shows the configuration menu and repair character.
  • .autoloot on / adena Enable auto-loot drop for all items or only for Adena.
  • .acp Enable the menu for auto-potions.
  • .offline Enable the offline trade or craft.
  • .epic Status of the epic raid bosses.
  • .xpfreez on Stop receiving experience points.
  • .deposit | .withdraw Exchange Adena and Gold Bar.
Community Board

Stay connected and avoid wasting time, thanks to the multifunctional community board.

  • Access: Usable outside Peaceful Zones
  • One-Stop Services: Buffer, Teleport, GM Shop, Services, and Market Details by Region
Download the Full Game
To connect to the server, you need to download and install the game client.
One Drive - Lineage II Interlude Client
Google Drive - Lineage II Interlude Client
Download - Lineage II Interlude Client

Download the Updater
Download only if you have already installed a clean Interlude client.